What Type Of Eyelashes Are Best for Your Eye Shape

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A pair of artificial lashes may instantly transform the shape and size of your eyes, making them appear larger and sexier. There is one thing that most of us have learned to our dismay: not all lashes are created equal. Lashes can make you feel better, but they won’t improve the appearance of your eyes if they’re not properly fitted and styled. Read everything you need to about fake eyelashes to learn more.

When it comes to artificial lashes, selecting the appropriate shape is of the utmost importance. It is possible to give your eyes the day-to-night adaptability that can only be achieved with lash extensions by transforming your typical strip lashes into an essential for your beauty bag. The purpose of this step is to bring out the best in your natural features and give the event a dash of drama.

In order to make it easier to locate the perfect pair of falsies for your eye shape, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to select the perfect pair of false eyelashes.

1. Round

The doe-eyed expression in real life comes from round eyes. Because they’re circular, they tend to show the majority of the iris, with their inner and outer corners rounded and not drawn in or out. In general, it is a good idea to avoid thick and heavy styles because they might make your eyes look smaller.

2. Hooded

You’ll know if you have hooded eyes because there’s a fold further down on the eyelid that hides the eyelid when the eye is open, allowing it to fall into the crease when closed. As with deep-set eyes, the ideal eyelash length for this type of shape should be long, with greater length concentrated in the middle. 

To get the desired effect, either cluster lashes or individual lashes may be more appropriate. Strip lashes are nothing to be terrified of, but you should watch out for ones that pull the lids down, making them look smaller.

3. Almond

The most typical type of eye has an almond shape, which may be identified by its widest part in the middle and a slightly pointed tip at the end. The upper and lower lids typically cover a portion of the iris, making it difficult to see. Almonds are the most versatile, which means that they can be used on almost every type of lash. If you like to keep your makeup more natural, a winged and fluttery lash will softly enhance an almond-shaped eye.

Picking out dramatic eyelashes that are full and fluffy, with volume that is distributed uniformly along the band, can help you attract a lot of people’s attention. Here’s our quick guide to magnetic eyelashes.

4. Monolid

It is common for mono-lidded eyes to seem flat on the surface and lacking in any discernible creases, if any are present at all. A multi-layered fluttery lash will do wonders to draw subtle but sultry attention to these stunning eyes with their naturally straight and obstinate eyelashes. This is because monolid eyes usually have straight and tenacious eyelashes.

5. Upturned

Upturned eyes, which are sometimes known as cat-eyes, are larger in the outer corners. Don’t be afraid to show off your inner supermodel. Opt for a soft and delicate lash instead of a thick one that could overpower these eyes. To draw attention and emphasise this eye shape, you can even use half lashes, as this is generally all it takes to do so.

6. Downturned

The outer corners of a downturned eye are slanted downward, making the upper lid look larger than a similarly shaped upturned eye. If you’re going for a criss-cross winged look, elevate the outer corners and stretch to create the illusion of a burning cat eye by using the traditional method. The outer corner of the eye is where you’ll want to focus your individual lash application if you’re looking for a lift.


Once you’ve selected the perfect lashes for your eye shape, the final step is to ensure that you appropriately trim them. Since everyone has different eye shapes and sizes, the false lash band is usually extra long to allow for trimming for a custom fit. 

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