5 Ruby Jewelry Gift Ideas for July Birthdays

elegant silver ring with red precious stone

Rubies are among the most coveted gemstones. It derives its name from “ruber,” a Latin word that means “red.” The gemstone ruby is deep red with a tinge of purple, a color commonly known as “pigeon’s blood.” Rubies gets their hue from trace amounts of chromium present in the gem. The higher the percentage of chromium, the richer the red color of the gemstone. 

The ruby stone glows with the color of love, passion, and commitment. It is also associated with vitality, courage, wisdom, and good health. Its color is essentially seen as a symbol of blood and life force. Therefore, the gem even stands for youthful energy and power. In earlier times, rubies were thought to help predict danger and misfortune. Moreover, the gem was said to make warriors invincible in battle.

Most importantly, ruby is the July birthstone. Therefore, its healing properties intensify for those born during this month. If your favorite person’s birthday is coming up in July, here are five exquisite July birthstone jewelry gift ideas to check out.

Ruby Angel Wings Pendant Necklace

Angel wings carry various meanings. They stand for love, protection, divine guidance, and more. Do you want to protect your special someone who is a July-born? Then, an ideal jewelry gift idea for her is a sterling silver ruby angel wings pendant necklace. The gemstone strikes a brilliant contrast with the silver. If the ruby comes in a tiny heart shape, it will also convey your love for the recipient. 

Ruby Hoop Earrings

Do you have a fashionista friend who is born in July? Then, a great jewelry gift idea for her is a pair of rose gold hoop earrings in rubies and diamonds. Rose gold will complement the color of rubies due to its warm tone. The red rubies, on the other hand, will glow against the white diamonds in a delightful contrast. If the recipient likes diamond jewelry as well, the hoops will be perfect for her. 

Ruby Minnie Mouse Ring

Is the birthday of a young lady coming in July? Then delight the little girl with a sterling silver Minnie Mouse ring with diamonds, rubies, and rose gold bows. The Mickey & Friends theme would make it the perfect jewelry gift idea for a young girl. Rest assured it will impress the recipient! The rose gold bows peeking from between the rubies and diamonds will remind her of her animated friends. 

But what if you don’t know her ring size? Then look for an international ring size chart for women and a guide to measuring one’s ring size on the product page. Follow the instructions to choose the right size from the given options. 

Ruby Bolo Bracelet 

Want to buy gemstone jewelry for a loved one with a July birthday but are not sure about the fit? Choose a sterling silver bolo bracelet in marquise rubies and white sapphires. It can be adjusted to fit the recipient’s wrist using the bolo clasp. If the sapphires thinly line the rubies, the jewelry piece will look resplendent. The precious marquise cut will make the rubies look regal. 

Ruby Heart Jewelry Set

Want to give your heart to someone special? Then gift her a yellow gold over sterling silver heart jewelry set with a pendant necklace, stud earrings, and ring in rubies and cubic zirconia. The dainty red hearts will dazzle and the white cubic zirconia will fashionably line the red gems. If the recipient prefers full jewelry sets to complete her look, this jewelry gift idea would be just right for her. 

Make sure to shop at a reputable online store for diamond and gemstone jewelry. See whether it offers ruby jewelry in a variety of designs and styles. Check whether the products are available at competitive prices, accompanied by attractive discounts, offers, and deals. Look for free shipping and easy returns for added benefits. Last but not least, check whether the store delivers jewelry pieces in protective gift boxes or fabric-lined pouches for both storage and gifting purposes. 

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